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Skyline Painting Gallery Show

Click to Play NYC Downtown Skyline collaborative painting at Fountain Gallery NYC, opening reception, September 15, 2006.Steve "p0ps" Harlow and Ruth Parson show the results of ten months of Sunday painting. The collaborative painting is exhibited in a group show at the Ninth Avenue gallery. The painting receives a warm welcome from West Side gallery […]

Charlie Hunter Trio – Mutant Axe

Charlie Hunter Trio @ SPACE | alternative arts venue Originally uploaded by thomas_sly. Charlie Hunter has this eccentric modified guitar and an amazing way of playing it. He’s put eight-strings on it and covers both the bass and melody lines, like he has three hands. Guitar players are wowed by the axe and the technique. […]

Painting NYC Downtown Skyline, part 4

Click to Play Steve “p0ps” Harlow and Ruth Parson complete their collaborative oil painting depicting the Downtown NYC view from their Lower East Side (LES) studio window. This completes the four part video series. This painting project is more completely described here.

iPod u?

iPod, do you? Originally uploaded by Carlos Noboro. Let me tell you about lala, the CD trading service. You register with them, put up a list of CDs you’re willing to trade, a list of CDs you want and they hook you up, send you mailing kits, tell you who wants what, you get a […]


like wha i need is another blog i jus wanna git a new wp download cuz i kant login to my company blog shoodnt b workin from home on company stuff anyway but its a blog its the fun part of work hey maybe jason c will pay me to blog wha bowt t jas […]

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